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Getting the Best of Your Wedding Day - Taking Photos with Style

Getting the Best of Your Wedding Day - Taking Photos with Style

Every wedding day is packed with numerous different elements. Since there are so many details, it’s crucial for the bride and the groom to plan everything. 

And one of the pinnacles of every wedding day is the photo session. It can take many different forms. What’s more, it can take place in various locations, as well. 

Because of that, the bridal pair should find the photographer several months ahead of the big day. 

They also need to go through a checklist to ensure that this artist meets all their demands. 

We’ve put together several key tips that will help you conduct the photo session in the best possible way. 


Set a fixed photo schedule


If you want to be satisfied with your wedding photos, it’s crucial to know exactly when things are going to happen. 

This is where setting a fixed schedule in advance will come in handy. 

For starters, you need to choose whether the photo session will take place before the ceremony or afterward. Different couples have different preferences so it’s up to you to make this decision. 

Some brides don’t want to have this session in the morning because they don’t want to look sleepy. 

Others want exactly a pre-noon session because they think they’ll look fresher in that period. 

Most grooms aren’t too picky about the right time for the photo session. 

We advise every bride and groom to be assertive when it comes to their schedule, especially about the hairdresser, the makeup artist, and the photographer. 


Negotiate the conditions in advance


When you’re looking for your wedding photographer, always do your homework. 

Once you’ve chosen, say, three of five names, start your little online research. 


Gathering the photo information


Check out how their previous clients have graded them on Google reviews or their social media pages. 

Also, try to find out more about those photographers on forums. Sometimes people are more eager to give honest feedback when they’re writing under their nicknames. 

While the quality of photos is important, pay attention to the comments regarding the photographer’s personality and adaptability, as well. 


Determining the payment pace


After this investigation is over, get ready to negotiate all the conditions in advance. And by this, we mean every single detail. Pay attention to the down payment and the payment milestones, as well as the number of hours the photographer is obliged to spend with you.

Also, don’t forget to set the deadline for the delivery of the wedding photos. 

You need to define whether the photographer should edit the photos, as well. 

Most photographers include a certain number of printed photos in their wedding packages. If so, find out how many photos are included in the package and how much you need to pay for some extra pictures.


Defining the obligations


We mentioned the payment milestones because we think that both parties need to protect themselves. 

In some cases, bridal pairs don’t express all their demands in advance, and they end up disappointed by photos. 

As opposed to that, some photographers don’t manage to meet their delivery deadlines, photos-wise. 

It’s also imperative to tell the photographer how you want them to cover the wedding reception. Make sure to introduce him or her to your family members. That way, they’ll know who they should photograph more. 

For all these reasons, it’s extremely important to define all the terms and conditions in advance. 


Discuss the photo venues in advance


Some bridal couples like to organize their photo session at the wedding venue. 

Such sessions usually happen after the wedding ceremony. While the guests are having their cocktails and canapes, you can take half an hour or so for the session. 

For instance, the guys from the Annex events complex say that most couples use the beautiful landscape around this venue for their sessions. 

On the other hand, if your wedding reception is going to take place in the city, you might want to organize your photo session another day. 


Benefits of a separate photo session


If you want to spend several hours having your photo session, it’s necessary to choose an extra day. It’s impossible to squeeze this occasion into your wedding day. 

What’s great about a separate session is the ability to try several different locations, both urban and rural. 

That way, you can have your photographer take the photos of you two at some attractive locations in your city. 

After that, you can go to the country and get a set of photos in the natural environment. The dusk is a great time for such photos but make sure that your photographer knows what he or she is doing. 


Why an extra session might not work?


Arranging an extra photo session might be too pricy an adventure for a newly wedded couple. 

You’ll have many different expenses related to the wedding day. So, think twice before you book another day with your photographer.

Apart from that, the bride will have to go through the same procedure with the hairdresser and the makeup artist on that very day. Some brides have neither patience nor money to do that. 

Finally, it might be hard to find the day that will suit both your wedding photographer and you for that new session. 

To cut a long story short: you should bring the decision about this extra photo session way ahead of the wedding day. That way, both you and your photographer will know all the terms and conditions in advance. 




If you want to get stylish photos of your wedding, you need the right photographer for that matter. 

A great-looking portfolio doesn’t have to mean anything. When you see his or her previous photos, talk to them about your expectations. Feel free to express your desires, preferences, and concerns. An experienced photo professional will know how to advise you and comfort you at the same time. 

Also, make sure to define the payment policy in advance, as well as all the elements of the wedding photography package. 

Finally, set the venues and the photo schedule in advance so that everybody knows what should be done at what time. 

All these things will help you get the most of your wedding photos.

AuthorBio James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events.When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.
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