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Our pricing packages are reasonably designed keeping in mind all of your events and hours of coverage needed.  The amount of artistic work that goes on behind the scenes once we’re off the floor is also kept in consideration.  We believe you will get the best overall package when you compare us with other Chicago wedding photographers.  Our ultimate goal is similar to our very own Indian philosophy or I should also say Japanese – low input, yet high output!

Photography as my PASSION

Photography is a passion of mine for many years & I have my husband’s full support.  I can create custom packages for you.  I love working with awesome people.  Not only I become part of your family, but make it supra-therapeutic for all of us, enjoying & capturing all the precious moments, laughing & crying together.


My work speaks for my artistic imagination.  I’m not fully satisfied until my eyes, and mind in harmony are really in agreement with my work.  I will not promise speedy delivery of your album & that is because I need to make sure they’re up to the vision that gives the best possible images of real moments of your event.  I will, however, deliver before the deadline. 🙂


60 minutes [exclusions apply - please contact us for details]

Many professional photographers may not include a FREE engagement photo session, which we do. That is actually our time to get to know you as a couple & get ready for your real event, which is the wedding and reception.  As we get to know you, we’d like to get you comfortable around us so if there are any specific poses that you’ve always wanted captured, they can be accommodated as we’re capturing poses that we think best suits you as a couple.  Our way of photojournalism is capturing many moments when you’re not actually looking at us nor aware of our presence.  Added that with different emotions of your journey makes a memorable story to tell and look back upon on.


We do not charge additional fees to fix blemishes or imperfections on professionally edited images.


The equipment that I use is latest in technology.  My other passion is constantly be on the look out for what’s newly available & what can be utilized to make photos of your event pop, keep them real and at the same time include all the sharp details.  If you’re a tech enthusiast & would love a conversation on gadgets, please initiate & I’m sure we can learn few things from each other.


My weddings, receptions, and other photographic events have taken place all over Chicago & some of the ones that I really like are Cantigny Park, Milton Lee Olive Park, Chicago Downtown, Millennium Park, Chicago River Walk, Naperville Downtown, Volkening Lake, The Seville, Blackwell Forest Preserve, Pearl Banquet Hall, Ashyana Banquets, The Meadows Club.


And most important of all, just like any major retailer out there, the answer is YES from my end for ANY REASONABLE REQUEST.  (No abuse please, haha)


Luckily & thankfully, most of my clients retain me as their photographer for future events once they utilize me one-time.  My primary goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied, and my secondary one is to retain you as a client.  Help me achieve that.  Please read my reviews to get an idea.