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Being a mother, I would always capture photos of my son not wanting to miss a moment of him growing up. As they were called “shots” by me, my husband called them something else…..real moments, memories! And the journey began, as my husband started to support me, although he was jealous in the beginning that my photos came out better. But, happy at the same time since both of us were competing to capture our life…our son! As he grew, I was jokingly told that I should start taking professional photographs. After hearing that from many people, I gave it a shot and the photos came out really sharp. The weather turned sunny all of a sudden around me. In pursuit of perfection when it comes to photography, I decided to get some high-end gear and give it a whirl. Some of my close friends showed support by booking a fine portrait session. I was also given a chance to photograph a wedding, but for free since I had to prove myself first.

First one went superbly well and it gave me extended motivation. After watching many youtube videos successively and taking certain online classes, I learned all the techniques that professional photographers use to bring each image to life. I also shadowed professional photographers and videographers who have been capturing for 20+ years. My husband says that the amount of work that is involved in professional photography is really tedious and boring, but I absolutely love it. My passion is to make sure each of my pictures tell a story, capture the moment and make it resplendent and theatrical . I aim to translate language of your emotions into photos, bring them out and freeze in time to be cherished forever. Only then, I feel like I have succeeded or made my clients happy, in an amicably photojournalistic way. My ultimate goal is to become your photographer for all your events, especially a wedding photographer.

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